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The Academic Job Search — My Quest For a Fancier Title

It strikes me, not uniquely, that life in science comes with a high frequency of hearing the word “no.” I don’t suppose this is domain exclusive to science, but it may be the breadth of ways one can hear “no” … Continue reading

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Enhancers Are Not Switches – Why We Should Kill a Bad Metaphor

“All models are wrong, but some models are useful.” So said George E.P. Box. Models are mental shortcuts that simplify complex thoughts/events/etc. There’s nothing really wrong with explaining a complex idea using a model– in fact the quality of your … Continue reading

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How We Balance (According to My Girlfriend’s Brain Tumor)

[[Not a medical professional. Not recommending anything here for anyone. This is a story and an explanation of the biology, not a case study or a plan of action.]] I sat on the sill introducing my work and myself to … Continue reading

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The Official List of Dead Cliches in Reaching Audiences of real People (O.L.D.C.R.A.P.) about Genomics

I like doing outreach. I like talking to non-scientists about science, but I’m a relative newbie in science, so the powers-that-be rarely let me give bigger talks to bigger groups. So I frequently find myself watching more senior scientists give … Continue reading

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How and Why Journals Should Respond To Retractions

This picture is of a litmus test. It’s a paper strip with various dyes on it that can be used to detect the pH (acidity or alkalinity) of a liquid. According to two papers that were published late January, if … Continue reading

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