Snarking Stem Cells: The Webinars

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How does the same genome make different cell identities?

Got half an hour for stem cells? I’ve been working with the International Society of Stem Cell Research (ISSCR) to develop a four-part webinar series on what everyone needs to know about stem cells and stem cell biology.

The first session is half an hour, and it explains how your cells, which received the same genes, can adopt many different jobs and identities with the end goal of making you. The session is up on their “Stem Cells in Focus” website. Yes, to view, you have to register, but registration is free, and they don’t spam your email address.

Give it a watch, and send me your comments/questions, which I’ll try to append to this post with responses.

FYI, the next one is coming up on March 24, so join us then to hear about the basics of reprogramming cells.

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