My Offline Contribution to #scioSelfPR

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Hi, I’m TSS, my website is, and I am a previous karaoke contest winner.

My audience is grown-ups who vote and who had their last science class years ago. People get busy, so I can forgive them for not knowing what a gene is.

My question is a bit self-deprecating: I’m not as good a writer as a lot of the people in this room right now. I have found my strength is more in face-to-face communication. How can I find ways to get my target audience in front of me or in an AV situation where I get to talk to them and it isn’t a classroom.

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2 Responses to My Offline Contribution to #scioSelfPR

  1. dwescott1 says:

    You might want to take a look at Joanne Manaster’s Google+ page. I like what she does with hangouts – have you done video chats? Would appreciate the chance to talk with you about it.

  2. I’ve done a video chat with a middle school science camp– wasn’t very good at it for several reasons. At your suggestion, I chatted seelix up, and our interests rapidly converged. We resolved to have a less gin-impacted conversation before we split. I’d love to sit down with you during one of the breaks and pick your brain.

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